Wired Writers


Jessica Longhorn

mumStarting off as a writer for her local newspaper, Jessica’s day-job is in an office – that’s all there is to say. She’s got a husband, two kids and a dog; all of whom struggle to behave themselves on a regular basis.

When she’s not walking the kids or taking her dog to school, Jessica can be found at Music Festivals on the weekend and at local gigs during the week. Her favourite band are the Pixies and yes, she knows that’s a gimmie.

Callum Effernest

teenagerCallum is a teenage boy who knows far too much about the alternative music scene. In his last year of college, he’s currently coming to terms with the fact that he’ll need to work for a living. When he’s not making a nuisance with his mates, you can find him covering open mic nights and jam sessions – looking for the ‘the next big thing’.

At the age of 19, Callum is ashamed to admit that he still lives at home. He hopes to take a gap year and then run to London to pursue a ‘real’ career in journalism.

Jacobi Smith

The oldest writer for Black Wire, Jacobi knows more about the History of Jazz than God himself. At the grand age of 73, he’s a sharp writer with an ear for timings and key changes. A keen saxophone player, he owns eight brass instruments and somehow has the time to play all of them each week.

Though he initially dreamed of becoming a famous Jazz musician, he’s come to terms with the fact that, in today’s popular music climate, those words are oxymoronic.

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